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Electric Hoists

Electric Hoists are a very important part of overhead material handling systems. A Plus Warehouse is a national stocking distributor for quality industrial electric hoists. We provide both wire rope and electric chain hoists as well as air powered hoists as well. Why come to A Plus Warehouse with your electric hoist requirement?

electric hoists
Cm Lodestar Electric Chain Hoist
electric chain hoists
Cm Shopstar Electric Chain Hoist
jet electric chain hoists
Cm Valustar Electric Chain Hoist
electric hoists
Coffing Cah Air Hoist
electric chain hoists
Electric Chain Hoist
dayton electric hoists
Electric Cord Reels
electric chain hoists
Ergonomic High Speed Electric Chain Hoist
electric hoists
Extreme Duty Electric Chain Hoist
boat lift electric hoists
Heavy Duty Single Phase Hoist
electric hoists
High Capacity Electric Hoist With Motorized Trolley
electric chain hoists
Severe Duty Air Chain Hoist
jet electric chain hoists
Work Station Air Hoists
electric chain hoists
Single Phase Electric Chain Hoist

We have been selling electric hoists and hoisting equipment for years and have developed a hard earned reputation for shipping orders quickly at a fair price and handling customer requests promptly and courteously. Of course there is a choice where to buy, and we are pleased that so many customers make the right choice and get their electric hoists from us. Our sales people have a great understanding of traditional and over head material handling systems, and know when electric hoists are used , as opposed to hand chain hoists or other hoisting equipment. Many competitors do not have qualified sales people who can handle your business. A sales person would need to be chased down , and you may get a call later in the day or the next day.

A Plus Warehouse has respect for your time, and we understand that when you want to order an electric hoist, you want to order it now, not someday. Our people are here and ready to help. Weather you want to order now, or just get an actionable quotation you will be helped immediately. Not our quotes are actionable this means that an emailed quotation can convert to an order without even a phone call! Many of our customers have fully embraced the concept of online ordering, and use our sales staff for preliminary information, and then either order or get a quote. Our emailed quotes are send with an order now button on them , so that the customer can simply click the button , and the order is live. Calling your sales person to order is certainly available to you to order , but no longer required ! There is no easier way to order electric hoists that we have seen.

A Plus Warehouse stocks and sells many respected brands of electric hoists. Some brands include CM Hoists, Harrington, Jet, Wesco, Coffing, and others. Do you have special application? We also sell stainless steel electric hoists , no spark electric hoists, food grade type, even theatric electric hoists. CM produces our theatric hoists. These hoists are black , so are not visible when theatre lights go down. These hoists tend to be more expensive than standard electric hoists , but this is simply because they are rated for use around people. With people under your load , safety becomes the key and defining issue in over head material handling.

There are some options to consider when ordering. First of all , given that the lift is electric , it may serve you well to get an electric trolley. Electric trolleys make the entire hoisting process easy. Not only does the hoist lift and lower with electricity, but the actual position of the hoist is powered as well. This is practical especially under heavy loads. Even a well lubricated trolley is hard to move by hand when it is holding a 6000 pound load. Additionally, there is the problem of inertia a 6000 pound load wants to continue moving. After all, Newton said that an item in motion will stay in motion until acted on by an external force the only two forces available with a push trolley are brute force, and friction. Given the high cost of back injuries (both financial and emotional) a hoist with powered trolley is a wise investment when lifting heavy items. To simplify the process, we even have integrated electric hoists with electric trolley included in the package. We look forward to helping with your material handling needs

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