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Gantry Cranes

Gantry cranes are a very important part of many material handling systems. A Plus Warehouse sells portable gantry cranes by Vestil, Wesco, Handling Systems, and Contrx. The function of rubber tired gantry cranes is fairly straight forward. Not all lifting lends itself to forklifts, and forklifts are not always available. If you need to pick up you load with a hoist, then aluminum gantry cranes or steel gantry cranes may fit the bill.

steel gantry cranes
Portable Gantry Cranes
aluminum gantry cranes
Aluminum Gantry Cranes
portable gantry cranes
Beech Counterweighted Crane
gantry cranes
Crane Bridge Kit
gantry cranes
Fixed And Adjustable Steel Gantry Cranes
gantry cranes
Overhead Load Lifter
portable gantry cranes
Push Bridge Crane Kit
portable gantry cranes
Stand Alone Loderail Work Area Cranes
steel gantry craness
Steel Gantry Cranes
portable gantry cranes
Work Area Portable Gantry

Gantry cranes straddle the load, then the operator lowers the hoist and lifts the load. From that point, the operator is then able to move the load to where it belongs. An example of extreme crane operation is seen in port traffic. When a boat load of containers comes to a port, a giant crane picks up the shipping containers and brings them ashore for customs, etc. Commerce into this country would be impossible without high efficiency cranes at our ports.

Some customers use aluminum gantry cranes over steel due to aluminums relatively light weight. If capacity and durability is not the driving force, but product weight and lack of conductivity counts, aluminum is the proper choice. Wesco is a premier brand, and we are pleased to offer that line to our valued customers. They produce a high quality high capacity gantry crane that ships promptly, and can handle most every standard application.

For custom applications, A Plus Warehouse can help also. We sell overhead conveyor systems, as well as rubber tired gantry crane systems that mount to tracks on the factory floor. What then is the process by which you order gantry cranes from us?

There are a series of questions our qualified sales people will ask about Gantry Cranes when you call 800-209-8798. What capacity do you want? What under height do you want? Under height is the amount of clearance under the gantry crane I-beam. Do you have any height limitations on the top of the gantry crane? Do you want fixed or adjustable height and what range? Do you want fixes or adjustable width and what range? Do you need to have a relatively light gantry crane, or is overall price and durability your concern? (that tells us if you want aluminum over steel) Do you need the hoist and trolley also? If so, powered of hand operated. With these questions answered, we can propose the gantry crane system that will work perfectly for you. When ordering, please remember we sell a broad line of material handling equipment including , but not limited to shelving, racks, conveyors, hoists, lockers, metal cabinets, entrance matting, platform trucks, shelf carts, and many other items as well.

Lets consider how our other material handling product may integrate into your gantry crane system. First of all, the item you are lifting spent some time stored in shelving, racks, or cabinets (either as raw material or work in progress). The item then needs to be unloaded from the storage equipment. Perhaps you access by a rolling ladder, or in the case of racks, a forklift mounted access platform. The load then is transported by conveyor or platform truck, then lifted by a gantry using a hoist and trolley. A Plus Warehouse sells each of the items in the pre-mentioned process cycle. We are your single source for materials handling equipment including but not limited to gantry cranes

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